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Overview of Book

This book introduces The-Easy-21-Step-Program:

Increase Motivation in Learning

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Start a Process, that enables each student to Use their Full Potential


Marion E. Hopfgartner

Life & Education Transformer

About Author

Marion Hopfgartner is a Speaker, Author, Education and Life Transformer and Entrepreneur.

Her business career started at the age of 19, after her degree as an educator and preschool teacher - when she led a Day-Care-Institution. Very soon, she moved up the career in Personnel Management working in a social Non-for-Profit Association that had 1400 employees. This was possible by having a fantastic Mentor on her side, who guided her step by step.

Already at the age of 22 she was a Board Member of a Non-for-Profit LLC. As one of the Board Members - she focused on Personnel Management and on Social Projects. At that time, she also started her career as a Adult-Trainer and Speaker – working together with a local Institution in holistic health care.

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